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Murray enjoying dog-beach heaven

Murray enjoying dog-beach heaven

We adopted Murray in Grand Rapids back in December just before Christmas and wanted to give you an update on him and send you some pictures. We are loving him to death! He makes us laugh and brings us all smiles. He's a good buddy for Mango (our red lab). He's very well behaved. He was 105 lbs. when we got him and we have him down to 86 lbs. We walk every single day. He's up to 3 miles now. When we started walking him he would wheeze and cough and cough and pant for hours afterwards. Now his panting is very controlled and he loves to walk! This past weekend we took Murray and Mango to the dog beach in Muskegon, and he loved that, too, of course. He thought our little kiddy pool in the backyard was great, but now he wants to keep going to the beach! He loves running around chasing the kids. All we have to do soon is get his teeth cleaned. Otherwise he is in great shape! Hope you are doing well! ~ Lynnette and Joe


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