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This application must be completed by the person who will be responsible for the care of the animal. If you have pets we will need to talk to your vet to verify current vaccinations and spay/neuter status. We also contact references so that we can be assured each pet we adopt out is going to a great home.

PLEASE NOTE: If a question does not pertain to you, please type N/A into the blank field. All fields need to have something in them in order for the form to submit. Thank you.  

Most applications are processed within 48-72 hours by Safe Haven volunteers. Prospective adopters are then notified whether the application has been approved or denied. If you're approved your application is good for 6 months. If we receive multiple applications for the same pet, we will contact later applicants to see if we can find another pet for them. If you've seen a pet in a foster home, and it is not on our list, please fill out the application describing the pet and where you saw it. We will process your application as soon as the pet is available for adoption. This may occur when we have puppies or ill/injured dogs that aren't yet ready for adoption.

You can be assured that a dog you adopt from Safe Haven will have been heart worm tested, microchipped and on heartworm and flea prevention. Cats have been FeLV/FIV tested. Dogs and cats both are vaccinated as appropriate for their age, treated for any apparent internal and external parasites, spayed/neutered and have been examined by a vet to assess general health.

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How many of your pets are/were spayed or neutered? Please indicate cat, dog, or other, and how many of each were spayed or neutered. *
Are/were your pets' shots kept up to date? *
Have you had a pet die of distemper, parvo, leukemia, or unknown causes in the past six months? *
Please list names and phone numbers of veterinarians who have records of the spay/neuter/vaccinations for your pets. *
How much time each day will someone be at home with this pet? *
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May an authorized representative of Safe Haven Humane Society contact you for follow-up information about your pet and your adoption experience? *
Please provide 5 personal references. For each, include name, telephone number, your relationship to this person, and how long you have known this person. Put your first reference here: *
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I believe I am capable of handling and interacting with the pet I propose to adopt and am financially able to care for it. I have answered these questions truthfully to the best of my ability. I understand that any misrepresentation of this information is grounds for adoption denial. Furthermore, I understand that completing this application is not a guarantee that I will be allowed to adopt this pet and that Safe Haven Humane Society has the right and responsibility to deny any adoption. *

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