Wish List

 Little Wishes 

  • Bleach (we do tons of laundry for foster pets and adoption events)
  • Paper towels
  • Laundry detergent
  • Gently used leashes
  • Dog crates - medium
  • Printer/copy paper
  • Colored pocket folders
  • Manila file folders 
  • Cat beds
  • Dog beds
  • Cat towers/trees (used or new is fine)
  • Kong toys
  • Nylabones
  • Used printer cartridges (we recycle for cash)
  • Used cell phones (we recycle for cash).


"Speaking of wishes,

I wish I could be Donald Trump!"

Cash/Monetary Donations

Did you know that every single donation helps our fur friends at Safe Haven, no matter how small? Every penny counts -- speaking of counting, just count the ways below that your donation, large or small, can help our fur friends at Safe Haven Humane Society.  Those pennies are crucial to our rescue and rehab efforts.

$5 pays for:

1) Short veterinary exam for pre-adoption health certificate
2) Drawing of blood for feline leukemia and heartworm testing
3) Fecal parasite examination
4) First set of vaccinations for a dog

$10 pays for:

1) Antibiotic eye drops for eye infection
2) First set of vaccinations for a cat
3) 40# bag of cat litter
4) 25# of cat or kitten food

$20 pays for:

1) 50# bag of dog or puppy food
2) Oral antibiotic liquid
3) Topical fungal, antibiotic, steroidal treatment for ear infection

$25 pays for:

1) Neuter of male cat
2) Heartworm preventative for 6 small dogs or 3 large dogs
3) Flea and tick treatment for 3 large dogs

$50 pays for:

1) Neuter of one dog
2) Spay for one cat
3) X-ray of ill or injured animal

$100 pays for:

1) Tumor biopsy
2) Half the cost of amputation
3) Large dog crate
4) Almost half the cost of heartworm treatment

"Yeah! I wish I could be a Clydesdale."

 "Me too!"
"You can't be a Clydesdale!"
 "Why not?"
"Cause you look like an alligator with a hat!"


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Phone: 616-522-1611
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