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Kathryn, the little terrier mix

Kathryn, the little terrier mix

Just wanted to update to you that Kathryn is doing very well here. My 17 yr old son, Matthew, teases me that she's not a 'real' dog b/c she's so small. But he's been warming up to her despite her small size. lol. She won't let him get away with ignoring her. When he's busy on his computer, she'll hop up next to him & quietly curl up beside him. Then as he's ignoring her, very slowly he'll move his hand towards her to stroke her head and pet her. Kameron and Carissa absolutely love her. She takes turns sleeping with each of them every night. Though she's warmed up more to sleeping with Carissa at night b/c she's not a tosser/turner like Kameron is. Then early in the morning when my alarm wakes me, she'll come bounding down the steps to greet me, & to be let out to potty. She gets out for a walk with Kameron almost every day. Now that she's gotten a bit beyond her missing her old foster-home stage, her personality is really blossoming. She owns the backyard. She loves the gentle attention from the 3 daycare children I take care of. She loves going for rides in the van. She's doing well with learning to sit, & loves treats. She knows that I hide some in my pockets. And she totally loved visiting & smelling all the pet smells at Chow Hound Pet Store to pick out some new play toys to chew up! Just the other night, Kathryn was barking over by the fence by the raspberry bushes. I wanted to know what got her attention, hoping it not to be a skunk, so Matthew got the flashlight for me. Too was a small possum walking along the top of the fence. It froze still playing 'possum' so Matthew got the camera 4 me; I got a nice photo of it. Now Kathryn is officially a dog, b/c she went after an outside wildlife critter! After that, I brought the dog in w/ me, so the critter could be on his merry way ;-) I certainly didn't want Kathryn to actually catch it and harm it. But she was just a barking away at it. Good thing she was too short to get it. Sandy


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