Too Loved to Forget . . .


A tribute to some of our friends


In March of 2011, I adopted a senior schnauzer named Sprocket from Safe Haven. It was doubtful how much longer he would be around. He proved us wrong by going another two years and four months. Once he became healthy again, Sprocket became my daily walking partner, companion, and friend. I thank your organization for letting me adopt him, care for and love him until the end. Sprocket passed away Saturday, August 10, 2013. Words cannot say how much I will miss him. Thank you again for what your organization does, and keep up the good work. Kevin


Dear Safe Haven, it's been three months with a big hole in my heart and my life. Carol [Ellie passed away December 2, 2009 -- SHHS]



Last year, in July, my husband and I adopted our dog, Saul (was named Yukon) from you. He quickly became our best friend, and all of our coffee shop's customers' best friend. I'm so incredibly sad to say that he passed away a month or so ago from a brain tumor. It was so sudden -- he started acting strangely on a Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon he could hardly stand up on his own.

We rushed him to the Cascade Animal Hospital, since our vet was closed, and they said that the pupils of his eyes were two different sizes, and that it was a sure sign of a brain lesion or tumor. His face looked like he had had a stroke, and he seemed to also be having seizures. They tested his blood for poisons, and found nothing. They were planning on calling a prescription in the next morning for an anti-inflammatory and schedule an MRI, but he died that night while we were sleeping. 

Needless to say, we are absolutely heartbroken, as are all of our customers. He would lay at their feet in our courtyard space, let them pet him, and let the kids lay on him. Even now, every time my husband or I are working, there is always a customer that tells us how upset they were when they heard.

He was such a special guy, he made friends everywhere he went. I would often take him on long walks through the city, and he would greet everyone we passed with that big goofy grin, and most people would just bust up laughing when they saw him. I think people recognized him more than my husband and me! Sometimes when we'd be out with him, random strangers would come up and tell us what a beautiful dog we have. Our whole coffee shop, employees and customers, miss him terribly. Many have said that Saul was one of the best dogs they have ever known. He is definitely the best dog I've ever known.

We are so grateful to have had Saul in our lives, and because he was such an amazing dog, we really trust your shelter to introduce us to another wonderful dog. I'll attach some pics of him, so maybe you can remember who he was.

Thanks again for such a loving pet, Lori


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