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Oliver prefers paper bags

Oliver prefers paper bags

Here's Oliver, [which] shows his preference for some used paper bags as opposed to the brand new cat bed we bought him. Oh, well. He's adjusting well. Thanks for a wonderful cat. UPDATE: I just wanted to take a moment this morning to express how happy my family is with the adoption of Oliver. My understanding is that my husband recently sent you a picture and a message regarding Oliver. Oliver is a very sweet little guy and we love him so much. He got along right away with the dog and enjoyed camping as well. He does try to escape, because he is curious. We have to watch for him every time the door opens. We do hope over time, that he will be able to go out when we are sitting on the deck and not worry that he will run off. It will be awhile though! He is currently at the vets getting his front claws removed and is doing well. He will be able to come home tomorrow, we really miss him. We will send pictures occasionally and let you know how he is doing. Thanks again so much from our family and Oliver....He is now in his forever home :) Regards, Kim


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