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Here's lookin' at ya kid

Here's lookin' at ya kid

Hi, we would just like to update Eileen and everyone else there, that Pee Wee is doing GREAT! He loves it here. He never stops purring and is just SO lovable and cuddlly...He loves the freedom of our home and is so funny when he see's his own self in the patio door at night, he runs off sideways into the other room then comes back to see if the other cat [which is himself], is still there......He has lots of toys and SO spoiled! ...He sleeps with us at night after he calms down from jumping from on the bed to swat the ceiling fan chains that are right above the is so funny, he reminds me of Tigger...Well, I could go on and on about him, but we will just say, Thank you so very much for letting us adopt Pee Wee, he is the best! Kimberly & Rickey I just wanted to let all of you know since it's been a few months on how PeeWee has been is the funniest kitty..he rules, that he loves, Loves to lay on his back in my lap while I sit at the computer. He is the most awesome kitty!! He follows me around the house like a puppy dog and waits for me at the top of the steps til I come home when I leave..Very spoiled! ;) Thank you again for letting us take PeeWee home! Kimberly & Rickey


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