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Scoop checks out Usher -- or vice versa

Scoop (large brown dog) is from the litter of Chloe and Dozer. These are the pictures I told you I would send. Please enjoy them!!!!!!!! Zaden's (small black dog) name got changed to Usher!!! How cute! He is doing good and adjusted well. NO accidents YET. I say that with my fingers crossed, and he has slept through the night since we got him. He enjoys going on Scoop's walks too. Scoop isn't too sure. But anyways, enjoy and I hope it made you smile. Scoop weighs in at 95lbs. and I'm sure 40lbs. is in his head. Heidi my daughter is wandering if Usher's brother got adopted? Thanks for having such nice animals and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! Niki


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