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Harry goes to Korea

Harry goes to Korea

When we adopted "Harry" 3 or 4 years ago (time flies) you asked that we send you a note telling you how he was doing. Never got around to it, but he is happily ensconced as the favorite member of the family. The unusual thing about Harry is that he now lives halfway around the world in Korea. I wouldn't have chosen to give a 50 pound dog a life in an apartment, but since leaving him wasn't an option, he is here with us and adapting to looking out the window at cars instead of squirrels. I thought I would send a few pictures as they are "worth a thousand words". Harry actually has two teenaged siblings as well as the ones pictured. Harry is learning Korean, just not as fast as the security staff would like. He is their favorite dog, and they make excuses to come by and say hello when we are outside. Harry happily obliges and gives them some of his fur on their nice navy suits in return for their kindness. Hope you have a great day and you successfully adopt out many more pets! And for those who only adopt puppies, tell them Harry was an adult dog and I loved it. No puppy chewing and no puppy pee and poo all over the house. Kathy and David


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