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Rubba Dub Dub

Rubba Dub Dub

Dear Safe Haven, Shadow has settled in nicely to life with us. He has become the dominant dog, and the space under the dining room table belongs to him. Bud will go in there to retrieve a bone, and as soon as Bud is done with it, Shadow picks it up and puts it back under the table where it belongs. Shadow gets the front row seat looking out the front door, and he gets to go in and out of doors before Bud. Bud seems to enjoy having a friend to hang out with, and a lot of times I find them sleeping butt to butt or head to head in the middle of the night. The both enjoy going for walks - Patrick takes them and I'm in charge of the stroller. Shadow and Bud mostly ignore Tate unless he is crying, then they come get me if I'm not fast enough. Tate has begun watching his puppies and seems to find them very interesting. We are working on a few bad habits Shadow has, such as climbing the back door to let us know he wants to come in and a couple of incidents of counter surfing (bread seems to be the most tempting item). He is a comical dog with quite the personality. He is much spunkier than our last senior dog, and I can't wait until the Midland dog park is repaired (the fence got messed up in a flood) so I can see how he runs off leash. In our yard he can get a good little run, especially if the neighbor's cat is in the yard, but I'd love to see him really get to go. He has managed to loose a little weight and is looking good. All in all, he's a cuddly sweet guy, and I will continue to tell people that senior dogs can make some of the best pets! Thanks for taking such good care of him until he found us. Shadow's new mom


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