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Zoey Fall 2012

Zoey Fall 2012

Zoey joins the Pack Zoey has totally figured out our routine and seems to like it. Although we originally got her to be a playmate for our youngest dog (Bella, the black lab in the attached picture), she has turned out to be a great playmate for our oldest dog as well (Lacie, the lab second from left in the picture, with the gray "beard"). Lacie was recently diagnosed with cancer and hadn't played for a few months. Zoey can get her to run a few laps around the yard with her. Lacie still wears out quickly, but its great to see her run joyfully around the yard again! Kayden likes her (second from right in the picture) too. We are so happy we adopted her. She's the perfect addition to our family! Your organization and her foster parents did a wonderful job with her. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her! Coral and Greg


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