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Lauren & Ginger the Pup

Lauren & Ginger the Pup

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Ginger (we did keep her name) is doing great! She’s a quick learner and she’s so sweet! We feel extremely fortunate. Jake has been really good to her. He likes her a lot. He’s a little rough playing yet, so we don’t leave them alone together. However, they’ve both been sleeping on the pullout couch bed with Lauren every night since we got Ginger. She’s in the big crate during the day – yesterday was the first day with that and she didn’t go potty in the crate at all – amazing. We’ve had a few accidents in the house, but I think it’s more our fault than hers. I can’t get Lauren to understand how quickly after she eats that she needs to go outside – or what the signs are when she needs to go. But we’ll work through it! I have tons of pictures already, but don’t want the file to get too large to deliver, so will send only a few - one at a time. I love the folder you made for us to take home. Thank you for that. I will stay in touch. She has a vet appointment on the 25th for her last shots and then we’ll get her dog license… Take care. And thank you for saving her!!!!!!!! How lucky those puppies are that you and your husband made the effort. Bless you!


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