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Izit waits to play fetch

Izit waits to play fetch

Iz is absolutely FABULOUS! She is such a happy dog. Loves to go for car rides, mostly with my dad as she's pretty attached to him. I have never had a dog that loves to play fetch as much as Iz does. Talk about a pro! Too bad she can't catch a frisbee or else she could have had a different career all together. I'm going to just blame her overbite for that one. I must say that she is the guiltiest dog that I have ever seen. When she does something wrong (say get in the litter box, a favorite of hers) she comes in where we are with her tail between her legs and head down low. Even if she isn't the one that does the bad she acts like she did. It's quite funny actually. It's tough to get mad at her because of that. It's just so funny. The cat threw up a hairball one day and she came creeping downstairs and went right to her bed looking guilty, so of course I go looking at what she did. She hadn't done a darn thing. Mom and I couldn't help but laugh at her. Poor guilty conscience of hers. She is still my fabulous farm dog too. She knows that the horses get sugar cubes when they're good so she follows me around the arena (on the outside) and waits for me to stop and reward my horse so that she can have one too. It's pretty hilarious. I don't know how she figured that one out. When she's sick of running around then she just goes to sleep by the gate. My little guard dog. Lets see, last time I took her to the vet she weighed in at 60 lbs. She's a little chunk, but she's not fat. She's quite a stocky girl, but she comes up to about the knee. She is by far the smallest dog that I have ever had. She has two new "cousins" next door that she LOVES playing with. It's nice that she has some young dogs to run around with now. I think they're about 3 months younger than her, but they are very rambunctious. We've got a good little pack out here. Hope all is well with you too, and I can't thank you enough for this little girl. Kiersten and Izit


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