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Po and his ball

Po and his ball

Update on Po, we adopted in June 2011..... Po, a big silly dog, that loves to run and run in our big fenced yard, he sometimes runs so fast he will actually flip over and roll a few times. Yeah, Po is a little bit of a goof. He follows his little boy around and loves to help dig holes in the sandbox. His favorite toys in the yard are a deflated basketball and an old rubber bike tire. Po attended basic dog obedience class, and acted like this is a piece of cake. He would look at the other dogs, like this is really easy, come on... he passed the class and may attend the advanced in the near future. Po is our personal trainer. He gets everyone walking/jogging at least 2 miles a day, sometimes 3 miles a day, and he still acts like he could go another 5 miles. Po walks great with a jogging stroller and adores his little boy in the stroller. When Po is walking his head is so high with confidence and he looks so proud. Po is a great dog inside the house too. He loves anything Nylonbones, his kong with peanut butter, stuffed dog toys, treat balls, and cardboard boxes with treats. Po has adjusted to his crate and will sleep in there during the day with the door open. Po is even assisting in Potty Training efforts with our 3-year-old son -- he follows him to the bathroom and will give him encouragement eyes or rest his head on his lap. Po has the biggest heart and sometimes tries to talk. He loves everyone and everyone loves him back. Thanks again for a great dog!!!!!!!!! Kim and Bradley.


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