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Bubba (left) and Sparky (right)

Bubba (left) and Sparky (right)

Wanted to send you a letter about our wonderful family member we adopted at the Pet expo earlier this year. Sparky is such a great boy! He immediately made himself to home the day we brought him here. He came in and jumped right up on the couch and took a much needed nap after his exhausting day at the expo. I knew the moment I saw him that he was meant to be with us. In all the noise and chaos of the expo, he sat patiently and quietly in his cage. His ears up and his eyes focused on me, we locked eyes and I saw my forever friend. Once I heard how he had been adopted previously and returned, my heart melted. How confused he must have been. To think he had found his place only to be brought back. Made me want to give him the stability he so obviously deserved. He adapted so quickly to his new family and made quick friends with his fellow pet family, a senior cat named Lily and another energetic pup named Bubba. Although Lily only tolerates the two pups, Bubba and Sparky immediately became friends. They spend the days playing, sometimes fighting(as siblings sometimes do), and snuggling with myself and children. He quickly became protective of his new family and works better than any doorbell at alerting us of visitors. His favorite things to do is go for a run around the backyard, play catch or tug a war, snuggle with Bubba for an afternoon nap, and snuggle up next to me at night. Thanks so much for giving me a much loved companion and forever friend. Attached are some photos of Sparky loving his new life, thanks to the caring souls at your rescue having the patience and faith that there was someone wanting him as much as he was wanting them. We love our Sparky! Mendi and Family


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