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This is how I always imagined life should be

This is how I always imagined life should be

I was recently at Petsmart Christmas shopping for my ‘kids’: three cats and two dogs, one of which I adopted in August from Safe Haven – Tess. After having read that she can jump a four-foot fence, I have to say that was an understatement – six feet is much more like it (lol)! Tess chased the cats for a bit after she came home with us, then the cats realized that if they just sat still she would leave them alone. After about a week, Tess and the cats were sleeping together! Tess has completed two obedience classes with Christine Grove as the instructor, and she will be tested January 5th for Canine Good Citizenship – my fingers are tightly crossed (LOLL. I just wanted to say what a delightful companion she has become. The first couple of weeks were a challenge, but good things are worth working for, and she is definitely now a diamond that was once in the “ruff”. LOL Thanks again for all you do. You have found a forever home for Tess.I love her dearly. I have included some pictures of her and her brother Curly. Sincerely, Beth


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