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Sandy with her new family

Sandy with her new family

Sandy decided she likes sleeping on Ed's side of the bed after all. This way he can't get up in the middle of the night to eat something. She knows she's helping him. She is pure pleasure. We love her so much and she has taken over our home. She goes everywhere with her boot even outdoors. She also has a rubber bone which I hoped we could play fetch with but she doesn't like to give it back to me. She's also very torn when we offer a treat.......she doesn't want to drop her boot but she can't get the treat in her mouth with the boot still there. A real problem! She is extremely well disciplined and a real gentle giant. Our grandkids love her and she's great with them.....even the youngest who likes to lay on her to hug. Sandy seems to know she's a baby and takes the abuse/love. I can't imagine a more perfect dog for us. She is loved. Marilyn


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