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What an exhausting game

What an exhausting game

Bambi is the most loved, spoiled, princess ever! We love her tons. The kids all spend so much time with her and still fight over who gets to walk her and who gets to sleep with her. She goes on an average of three walks per day, as she loves the outside, but don't leave her out there by herself, she is mommy's girl and needs to be by someone almost all the time. We don't mind! She is a good girl, very trainable and knows how to sit, stay, shake, etc. Lying on mommy's lap is her favorite place to be when we are winding down at the end of the day. We love her to pieces! I call her "Bams" sometimes for short. And she LOVES to JUMP! She goes crazy every time I walk in the door! When I have been gone awhile, she has been known to jump all the way to my face to give me a kiss! She doesn't jump on me so much as up in the air in excitement AT me. Oh, and she hides bones all over the house!!! She is so funny to watch! Sometimes she will bury it under nothing and try to push something over it, and if it doesn't work, she still keeps trying! We find them in the couch, our beds, the hamper, our closet. Susan


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