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Happy Melvin

Happy Melvin

My boyfriend and I adopted a dog from your shelter via the Petsmart in Grand Rapids a few months ago, his name was Loki (now Melvin). I just wanted you to know that he's doing very well, he's our "little prince," as we often refer to him. He's a very well mannered little boy, and he's quick to learn. Maybe a little too quick to learn sometimes : ) He's great with other dogs, he goes to the dog park almost every day, and spends the afternoons with his best friend, Saul (who used to be named Yukon, also from your shelter), while I am at work. And he loves the cat and little kids as well. He's really an invaluable addition to our family and we're very lucky to have found him. Even if he does take up half the bed. Anyway, I just thought you'd like a little update on the boy. He's currently sprawled out on the couch in the office of the coffee shop that I work at, snoring like there's no tomorrow. Thank you again for helping us find the perfect dog for us! -Monica


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